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Emilie Ronning – Cheshire

I started practising yoga over a year ago because of a various of reasons both physically and mentally.


The first lesson i learned from Mo is that yoga takes practice, as everything in life does. So I´ve kept on from the very beginning. And until now especially my breathing has got much better, but also my strength, flexibility, calmness and the way I value the good things in life. Furthermore I´ve learned more about how my body works, how to push myself, and mentally I can cope better in my everyday life and I´m more relaxed in my own home. After a yoga class my brain feels more free and I can think clearer, prioritise what´s important for me and let go of worries. 


I also practice Mo´s Pilates classes, which I find as an amazing combination. The strength I get from Pilates I take advantage of in yoga, and the breathing, flexibility and strength I use in yoga works perfect in Pilates classes.


Mo is a brilliant teacher. Not a single class is the same, she is very creative. For me she has become a motivator and an inspiration not only in the yoga class, but in every day life. She´s also taught me a lot about breathing, how to meditate and to use yoga at my own home. She´s got a lot of experience and is a good hearted person. She´s calm and got the most relaxing voice.


I really do enjoy Mo´s yoga classes and I will definitely recommend them to anyone interested in bettering challenges you meet in life.

Valerie – Cheshire

Eighteen months ago the Neurologist I went to see showed me images on the screen of my back – first degree stenosis of the spine.  At the time I was also suffering from polymyalgia rheumatica and was on steroids.  He suggested that, rather than having any invasive surgery I should join a Pilates Class.


I left it for a while as a bulging disc was causing me great pain from the sciatic nerve.  However as soon as the pain abated a little I searched for a Pilates Class.  How fortunate I was to find an ideal one in Knutsford with a superb teacher – Maureen Mounouchos.  Fifteen months later I can walk without pain and I feel really fit.  Strengthening my muscles has definitely helped my back – and the classes are enjoyable too!

Giles Welch – Cheshire

"I was drawn to Pilates for general strength and flexibility, hoping that my cycling, running and gardening would also see the benefits. Now well into my second year, I've thoroughly enjoyed Mo's teaching. It’s a great mix of clear explanation and a relaxed atmosphere, with lots of variety in terms of different equipment and routines. Mo seems to subtly (and occasionally, not so subtly!)  introduce something new and gradually more challenging each week, so even at Beginner level you get noticeable improvements as the months go by."

Sarah Davies – Cheshire

"Mo's Yoga class is the only exercise class that I have ever looked forward to...! I absolutely love it! A great session, invigorating but so relaxing too."

Sam Mason – Cheshire

"I can honestly say that Pilates with Maureen has changed my life!! I have degenerative osteoarthritis in my spine and have spent many years in chronic pain (and at the tender age of 40, found this thoroughly depressing!)


I have used a huge a variety of prescription painkillers, steroid injections, tens machines, physios, chiropractors. You name it I have tried it, all with a no real gain plus then had a variety of other side effects to contend with.  It really affected many aspects of my life. I started Pilates after a recommendation from my physio 3 1/2 years ago.  I can honestly say I was a little pessimistic that it would improve my condition but as of 15 months ago I no longer use any type of pain killer at all!!

Maureen has worked hard with me:

To correct my posture due to years of being in pain.
To use those muscles that need strengthening in order to help support my back.

To ease the stress on other muscle groups that have been overworking to help protect my weak spine. Plus general all over strengthening and toning. I am now no longer in pain on a day to day basis.  I can walk,stand and also sit for long periods without being in utter agony during and afterwards.


Maureen has a great sense of humour. She is very approachable, supportive ( will push you when you need it!) and clearly has a real passion for working with her clients to achieve the best holistic results possible.


If you are reading this , and wondering whether or not to give this a try, don't hesitate, call Maureen now. I promise it will be life changing ! It certainly has been for me!"

Emma Muirhead - Cheshire

I can't say how much I enjoy Pilates with Mo. Through your knowledge, you have given me such great appreciation of the engineering of my body. It's taking time but I feel so much stronger and taller. I have recommended you to many friends. I also enjoy the fact that each lesson is different, using different equipment, targeting different areas and always very professionally delivered. Thank you Mo! X

Karen Ridley - Cheshire

"I decided I wanted to try meditation because my mind was getting a little chaotic. It was full of work, worries, anxieties and problems and I wanted to learn how to control the mass of thoughts that never seemed to slow down or go away. I called round and spoke to a few different meditation teachers. Although I was desperate to start, for some reason I never turned up to the classes. Then I spoke to Mo.


I knew immediately that I wanted to learn with her. I immediately felt good, positive vibes and as soon as I hung up the phone I texted her saying how much I was looking forward to starting! The 45 minutes every Monday that I spent meditating at Brook Street Chapel with her were highlights of my week. Some weeks were harder than others and my mind wasn't always in the best place when I arrived, but I always, always left feeling calmer and more at peace with myself. The yoga beforehand warmed up my body and, as a total beginner, she guided me through each session, bringing me back whenever my mind strayed. I learnt valuable techniques and was able to practise them at home. She has given me wonderful advice, been someone who's listened to me and recommended me some excellent books. Stretching after meditation we've talked about drawing, work, life - I always left feeling happy. I can't recommend meditation highly enough and there's no-one I would rather learn it with."

Thasula Danaos – Cheshire

"As someone who’s new to Pilates, and recovering from car accident injuries, Pilates has been extremely beneficial as it promotes a clear, purposeful and controlled regimen. Being taught by Maureen is wonderful: the classes are enjoyable and she explains each movement with details of the anatomical function at work. This gives us the confidence that the exercises are being executed correctly and the benefits gained accordingly. The clarity of Maureen’s teaching is excellent as I can confidently reproduce and sustain these exercises outside of the classes – and I feel fantastic!"

Susie Edwards – Cheshire

"Maureen was my mentor during my training period with Stott Pilates. I was blessed to have her come into my life at that time and be guided by her knowledge and experience which was vital for my initial progression. I cannot thank her enough for her time and care. Maureen is dedicated to the method of Pilates and always continues to enhance her knowledge. If you have a lesson with Maureen, you are in good hands – and she has a great sense of humour too!"

Louise Thompson- Cheshire

" Mo has been teaching me Yoga for just 5 months.  I am more supple now and the improvement in upper body strength is remarkable.  If only I had a little more time to fit in a few extra lessons with her each week." 

 Rachel Cowley - Cheshire

"The Pilates Cheshire yoga class is free-flowing and with Mo's easy to follow guidance on alternative moves, which accommodate a wide range of abilities, and her encouragement it helps stretch us to progress to the next level.  As with all Mo’s classes I always leave feeling more energised and upbeat than when I arrived having worked out in a friendly, welcoming environment. Mo’s Ballelates class was such a great find for me. I was looking for a class to help improve my strength and flexibility, whilst complimenting running and cycling… and this fits the bill perfectly! Since I joined the class a couple of terms ago I found I leave feeling re-energised from a great, varied workout. As a 6 year old, when I last attempted ballet, I was never the most co-ordinated (some things never change) but now, as well as improving my fitness, I also have a regular “chuckle muscles” workout from this fun, welcoming class."

Sandra Holtby OBE – Cheshire

"I had never been particularly interested in sport or exercise activities, I had had a mainly academic life. Eventually I realised it was necessary.  If I was to retain my flexibility and suppleness, I needed to do something to ensure  I didn’t lose it!


I joined the Maureen Mounouchos Yoga Course a couple of years ago. She is an excellent teacher, she inspires confidence about what is physically achievable to ensure flexibility, suppleness, a feeling of wellbeing and improved posture.


She is professional and knowledgeable in delivery of her classes ensuring no risks to physical wellbeing are taken.

Her classes are challenging but also, most enjoyable!"

Barry McKinnon – Cheshire

"I have known Maureen for something over two years, as a teacher of Pilates and friend. I think that she has helped me enormously with my general health and particularly with controlling my Parkinson’s symptoms. I always finish a session feeling happier, relaxed  and generally at peace with my condition.

There is no doubt in my mind that the exercises she puts us through have a really beneficial effect on my Movement Disorder (Parkinson’s), so I take classes two or three times a week. I will never return to normality, but It is fun to try, with such super teacher.

She  makes classes seem like fun and there is always a happy atmosphere as we struggle to get somewhere near the skill that she displays. Maureen ha s introduced lot of variety to the les, using the basic Pilates accessories—mats, balls, simple weights, wobble boards and so on —  all feature from time to time, so there is never a boring fixed routine. I think she likes to surprise us all. I cannot recommend her more highly!

Sara Coggin- Cheshire

"I have attended  classes with Maureen over the course of several years; during this time I have noticed a marked improvement in my flexibility, physical strength and mental well being. Her classes are fun and relaxing but Maureen is also inspirational and encourages you to challenge yourself. I look forward to freestyle fitness yoga classes and ballelates every week!"

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