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Supporting charity's close to my heart - please adopt, don't shop

Our chance to give something back to society is always at the forefront of my mind and in particularly to helping those who really cannot help themselves. Having lived in Greece for a number of years, the plight of stray dogs is a cause very close to my heart . I became a volunteer for the Nea Filadelphia Animal Rescue in Athens and  this opened my eyes to a  world of suffering, torture, neglect and ignorance of people to stray dogs that I could not ignore. There is no RSPCA in countries like Greece and it is up to volunteers to set up shelters.

You will find below a list of charities and organisations from all over the world who work tirelessly to help alleviate the suffering and abuse of these beautiful creatures. From Greece to Asia and to the on going fight to stop the dog meat trade, please help me to promote the work of these volunteers and charities. Every little helps. Please share to your facebook page, make a donation or if you have any ideas and wish to ask for help please email me any time.

Thank you.
Mo x

Caring for the Animals Trust

This is a charity run by some amazing people.  I have known Titch & Paul for some time now having met via FB after Titch answered my plight to re-home a dog in Greece.

At the time I was a volunteer for an amazing shelter there (friends of nea filadelphia) . Titch and her partner Paul did not hesitate , stepped in to help a dog (our lovely Oratios who had acid thrown over him) and agreed to foster him. Of course they fell in love with him and gave him a forever home.

Titch and Paul then continued to support the shelter in Greece plus many others, have come over on numerous occasions to help in transportation of dogs to be re-homed in the UK. Please help us support the absolutely necessary and incredible work this charity does for the Greek strays. 

Titch and Paul have 9 Greek rescues of their own.

please support the animal trust

Animal International Rescue Aid

This incredible  young lady has taken on the tremendous task of street dog rescue working in the most appalling and desperate situations in Bosnia.  I came across Djana on Fb and have been in contact with her to discuss the situation in Bosnia and the plight of the street dogs there.

Djana continues to fight for the humane treatment of these dogs. She constantly has to raise funds to help those injured and in fear of being starved, neglected abused  or killed. This is heartbreaking work which is relentless. Djana only has the support of fellow animal lovers in Bosnia (but these are amongst the minority) . Finding people she can trust to help in rescuing and re-homing these dogs overseas can be a minefield as corruption is rife and funds are limited.

Please help me help Djana continue her vital work in Bosnia.

Friends of Animals

This shelter is run by a lady called Mrs Kiki . Along with Martha and a number of other wonderful people, they have dedicated their lives to alleviate the suffering of the strays and abandoned dogs in the Nea Filadelphia area of Athens. Along with rescuing those neglected, abused and dumped, the shelter does amazing work in schools educating the younger generation on animal welfare. This charity has also been at the forefront of lobbying  the municipality to prosecute those who are guilty of animal abuse and neglect and implementing neutering programs.


This shelter works under the most dyer  of circumstances, it is over crowded and unfortunately many dogs have to be chained as there is simply not enough cages for them to be free. It is here where I became a volunteer after having rescued a German shepherd who had been chained to a 3 foot metal chain for 4 years.


Rocky (named after the movie)  had an embedded collar. It  took me 6 hours to rescue him and then a further 4 hours in surgery . Rocky was now free but  I had no where to take him  to recover. This  is where Mrs Kiki came to my rescue. I only had to tell her the state the dog was in and she agreed to take the dog on in the shelter despite having no free cage to put him in. When the mayor of the town heard about his plight, they agreed to open up some unused cages at the shelter (this is how ridiculous the beauracy is in Greece) and allow Rocky to be free. He could never wear a collar again.


The shelter is now being forced to close. The municipality wants the land back for commercial use yet the very same people are those calling the shelter to pick up the strays and abandoned dogs still ..........


martha and dog.jpg
Mrs Kiki.jpg

Dog Meat Trade

In recent years, we have learnt of the horrendous dog meat trade in China & Korea where dogs are either breed or stolen from owners and street dogs are rounded up packed in cages unable to move and then tortured in the most horrific way before being subjected to be being boiled alive & cooked for their meat .The on going international pressure and fight of activist to stop the "Yulin Dog meat festival"continues. 

While this is  distressing to read about and even comprehend  I do feel it is absolutely essential we do not sit back and think it is not our problem. As a dog lover, cruelty is cruelty and borders should not define whether we help or not.

This is  atrocious and cruelty beyond belief . Please find below some of the organisations that are out there trying to stop this barbaric trade. "

Thank you

Mo x




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