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Maureen Mounouchos


Maureen is the founder & Director of Pilates Cheshire and has over 21 years experience in teaching Pilates Matwork and studio equipment overseas and in the UK. Maureen has worked closely with physiotherapists, midwives, osteopaths and other fitness professionals to improve the standard and quality of her Pilates teaching.  Having studied Ballet, Tap and Modern with MTS school of Theatre Dance in Manchester, she followed a part time career in teaching Ballet, Dance Exercise to Music & Aerobic Kickboxing.  However, plagued with lower back pains and  knee issues due to overuse injuries, Maureen took up Pilates. She then moved to Athens where she continued to practise (with Body Control Pilates and Stott Pilates ) and then qualified with world renowned Stott Pilates. Maureen opened her own studio where she worked extensively with clients on a one to one basis as well as teaching small groups. 


Maureen furthered her Pilates practice by studying Pilates Studio equipment; the Reformer, Stability Chair, Cadillac and Barrels and continues to train and study with a host of prominent Pilates schools such as Basi Pilates, Balanced Body, Body Control Pilates & APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute)


She  has attended a variety of seminars run by Rael Isacowitz and Elizabeth Larkam, where she covered lectures on Mat Sequences for clients with knee & hip replacements,Mat Sequences for Stability,Mobility and Balance, Mat Sequences with Rotator Discs to challenge the vestibular system and improve standing balance as well as numerous Advanced Reformer training sessions.


Other areas of studies Maureen has  completed are Advanced Screening Techniques workshop with Biomechanics Education. She is also an Exam Invigilator with Group X Training. Other areas of related study include Myofascial Meridians which explores how the fascial webbing of the body contributes towards posture and movement functions, how pain in one area of the body can be linked to a “silent area”, some part removed from the problem.


Maureen is also  a qualified Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist http://www.mbodiesacademy.com/instructors/?306 Pre & Post Natal Pilates Specialist in Matwork and Equipment and a Freestyle Fitness Yoga & Level 3 Teaching Yoga Instructor as well as a qualified Events Medic. Recently she also qualified as a Reiki Practioner having completed her practise in Mikao Usui's Second Degree (Okuden) with Reiki Master LIz Grosvenor. 

In her spare time Maureen enjoy ballet classes,sketching, painting and reading. Maureen is also very passionate about animal welfare especially our four legged friends having spent many years as a volunteer in a dog shelter in Athens. She continues to support individuals and organisations that work to improve the lives of abandoned, abused, neglected dogs and particularly the work to ban the dog meat trade in Asia.

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To this day I can’t remember what brought me to a cold draughty church hall to do 'yoga' at 16 years of age, what I do remember was what a gift I had found.   24 years later I credit my mental and physical health to this fascinating science.


Five years ago I finally felt ready to pass this gift on by becoming a teacher. I chose to study my teaching diploma in Kent with world renown Simon Lowe at The Yoga Academy.  With an exceptional forward thinking faculty of Julie Gudmestad, Gary Carter and Gill Lloyd to mention a few.


My yoga teachings are based upon functional movement to regain or maintain the body’s full range of movement.  This is achieved using yoga postures with props, blocks, bolsters, chairs and blankets to create an environment where all postures can be attempted with correct alignment.  The journey into and out of the pose is where I believe yoga 'is', the final pose almost becomes immaterial during the journey through the body.


Once the mind can focus on movement the use of breathwork is introduced to calm the mind and body, leading to the ability to relax in a pose, yes this is not an urban legend!!  I believe this life skill, once experienced and practised, ripples through day to day life to help manage stresses and ailments.


My lifelong fascination with the body and its complex relationship with the mind, informs my on-going studies and my teachings.  I passionately believe any person can walk into my yoga class and participate, to a level where they are comfortable but challenged 😊


You don’t need to see the whole stairwell, just take the first step....