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For over 10 years I have been saying to myself "I must do Reiki, I must learn Reiki, I must, I must!! And finally I have....

They say "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" not sure who originally quoted this but I can certainly vouch for that. My teacher appeared and she knew when it was right for me to start.

My first connection with Reiki was when I was living in Greece and my best friend there had just done her Reiki First Degree . She practised on me regularly and I was intrigued by this spiritual practise which allowed anyone ( once attuned) to be a channel for universal energy to help heal through touch or no touch ie hands held at a distance.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing. Others refer to it as "faith healing" and in the west, it comes under the umbrella of "Complimentary Therapy".

Having now completed my Reiki First Degree with my wonderful Reiki Master Liz Grosvenor, I can honestly say I am even more intrigued now than ever before. Liz showed me how to connect to my energy field and that around us. Everything is energy and my interest in this has never waned despite the strange looks I receive whenever I talked about Reiki!

I have been giving myself Reiki regularly and I must say I have noticed the difference in my ability to feel energy more intensely. Reiki is practised for the intention and the highest good of the person receiving it and I love this pure intention goal which is Reiki. After my self cleansing routine and Reiki treatment, I feel calmer, more settled and more receptive.

People receive Reiki for many different reasons, it could be physical, emotional, mental or spiritually. It can also be a mixture of everything! The energy that Reiki practitioners work with when they treat themselves and others is known as "Chi". Although Reiki originated in Japan, the Japanese adopted the Chinese view of the body's energy systems. The intention of Reiki is to harmonise your energy systems (which may come out of sink due to poor diet, lifestyle, life events etc) break down any blockages and bring things into balance on all levels, ie physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Regular cleansing will help the body achieve its optimal flow of "chi".

Experiencing energy for some people seems more than a little strange as we are talking about something that you can't see. But you can't see your thoughts, your feelings, or electricity for that matter, yet we know these things exist. Learning to feel energy is exciting and also takes time. It can be very subtle at first but the more you practise, the easier it becomes. The more you practise , the more sensitive you become to it and as a Reiki practitioner, this is invaluable!

Healing comes in many forms and with our lifestyle today, it is so easy to pop a pill or have a quick fix of something. I have always believed there is more to a healthy mind and body than what the eye can see. I am learning to trust my intuition and the more I practise Reiki, meditate and be quiet, the more I can self heal .

I will continue my Reiki journey with LIz (details below) . Hopefully within the next 6 months I will be ready to do Reiki Second degree and then who knows, maybe one day I will become become a Reiki Master!

To contact Liz

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